Green Mobility as automotive engineers see it

It shouldn't surprise us that Detroit and its academic allies have discovered the term "Green Mobility." A reader passes along the news that the Society of Automotive Engineers had a symposium earlier this year to talk about the future of transportation in a scarce-petroleum economy. There was this attention-grabbing statement early on:

"We eventually have to transform our transportation systems so their consumption and environmental damage is brought under control."

But John Heywood, director of the Sloan Auto Lab at MIT, warned the audience, "Get real!" What will make a difference in the next couple of decades, he said, is improvement of existing systems.  He spoke of smaller, lighter, more efficient cars, and other speakers touted new and better mass transit — even "personal mass transit," whatever that means.

You can watch the symposium in a series of six videos, lasting 10 to 25 minutes each, at this link.
There's a free Green Mobility Network tee-shirt for the first person to find walking or bicycles mentioned in the program.