Miami 21 reaches for a livable city

Green Mobility Network commends the City of Miami for its visionary attempt, through Miami 21, to make the city more walkable – and thus more livable for residents and visitors of all ages and physical abilities.

We also welcome the beginning that this document makes toward providing for bicycling on a par with other modes of transportation.

We look forward to the day when Miami 21, along with a Miami Bicycle Master Plan and a citywide Complete Streets policy, become the foundation of a greener, healthier and more attractive community, one built for people more than for motor cars – a community we all will be proud to call home.

— — —
As of this writing, this land use plan is merely a proposal (though much-discussed and heavily revised in the past couple of years). The City Commission takes it up today on first reading. The city’s planners provide further information at There’s good background and reporting from Andres Viglucci in The Miami Herald at .