Pedestrian vs. cars in Miami Springs

A retired Hialeah policeman, Glenn Rice, let himself be videotaped the other day trying to cross the street in downtown Miami Springs. Looks like he never did get that cup of coffee.Thanks to Theodore D. Karantsalis for the video.

3 thoughts on “Pedestrian vs. cars in Miami Springs”

  1. i dont think they should stop.A lot of cars comming from having waited on three lites,to publix two blocks away

  2. He’s a retired policeman and he’s surprised that operators of motor vehicles in South Florida are not following the rules? Wasn’t his job supposed to be to catch people breaking the rules? The sign reads to yield to pedestrians in the crosswalk. So? Get one of your cop buddies to start handing out tickets and see how fast people start paying attention. Or was Glenn Rice just one of the many officers that don’t enforce our traffic laws?

    Perfect example of police enforcing the traffic laws is Pinecrest. “Strictly Enforced” and they mean it. I drive through or ride my bicycle through pinecrest and hardly ever see anyone ignoring those speed limit signs. Everyone I know understands that you will get a ticket if you even drive 5mph over the limit in pinecrest.

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